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Count Gelasio Gaetani d’Aragona Lovatelli

International Wine Expert

"Etiquette Italy by Simona Artanidi express through a wide and varied excursions, the best of Italian taste and Italian creative genius and Italian style. Etiquette Italy like to discover the tradition of italian good living, arts and leisure through a world that has always existed, but who does not like to appear. For this to work with Etiquette is really a pleasure and honor. "

Princess Orietta Boncompagni Ludovisi

Events Manager on Made in Italy

"Etiquette is a beautiful and sophisticated magazine a showcase of Italy that counts and works

"Etiquette is a stylish passepartout about what we would wish to happen to be at the center of the world."

Elda Lanza

Author and italian manners expert

"Just as it is fascinating to follow the evolution and the ways of our vines, just as exciting it is turn the pages of Etiquette, a magazine that values very carefully the history of ancient families and traditions of Italian master craftsmen".

Marquis Anselmo Guerrieri Gonzaga

Noble vineyard owner

"Etiquette is a magazine that deals with intelligence his very special space, managing to deal today so difficult issues such as the nobility, the social distinction, the search for the particular, the aristocratic taste of life in a simple, calm and modern, without falling in the futility of snobbishness .


Maria Loredana Degli Uberti

Director School of Genealogy, Heraldry and Documentary Sciences

Italian Etiquette Lessons,

Tours & Luxury Events

on the Amalfi Coast

by Simona  Artanidi



Italian Etiquette classes, Tours & Luxury Events are offered in the beautiful Amalfi Coast. Style and Elegance while staying in beautiful hotels and villas surrounded by lemon trees, bougainvillea plants and vineyards. 1 to 7 day programs, tours, festivals, cooking shows and other educational packages offered.



      Benvenuti ...

Welcome to the charming world

of Etiquette and Italian Lifestyle.

In 2001 I have founded the first Italian

Academy of Galateo and Business Etiquette believing in important values ​​like courtesy, elegant behavior, respect for others and for ourselves. I live in Italy but I travel a lot either for pleasure or for work. Wherever I go in the world my being Italian is appreciated and valued. Many people over the years asked me to organize Etiquette Lessons and tours in pure Italian style. For this reason I decided to offer the possibility to people who do not live in this amazing land rich in history and traditions, to immerse themselves in our culture. Amalfi Coast is definitely a unique place in the world, the ideal location for our Educationals, Luxury Tours & Events. My etiquette lessons include: the art of Italian coffee, "La Dolce Vita", how to learn "La Bella Figura"", the kiss of the nobles, dine in true Italian style, know how to choose products made in Italy, Italian style and fashion in life everyday etc. All educationals are organized in prestigious hotels and villas that will reserve a special treat for our guests. Great success of our tours discovering the places and people of Italian style: among others we mention the Marinella ties, the beautiful clothes of Antica Sartoria Positano, Capri sandals (so loved by Jacqueline Kennedy), craft shops with tipical italian ceramics, etc.


Waiting for you here in Italy!


"Etiquette is a modern example of good manners pret à porter".

Tiziana Rocca

P.R. and Events Manager

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       Benvenuti ...

nell'affascinante mondo del Bon Ton e dello stile italiano. Nel 2001 ho fondato la prima scuola italiana di galateo e business etiquette portando avanti valori importanti come la cortesia, il rispetto per il prossimo e per se stessi. Sono nata in Italia ma ho viaggiato molto all'estero sia per piacere che per lavoro. Ovunque io vada nel mondo il mio essere italiana è apprezzato e stimato. Molti persone in questi anni mi hanno chiesto di organizzare lezioni di galateo e viaggi all'insegna del vero stile italiano. Proprio per questo ho deciso di offrire la possibilità a persone che non vivono in questa magica terra ricca di storia e tradizioni, di immergersi nella nostra cultura. La costiera amalfitana è sicuramente un posto unico al mondo, la location ideale per i nostri Educationals, Tours & Luxury Events. Le mie lezioni comprendono: l'arte del caffè italiano, la Dolce Vita, come imparare "la bella figura", il baciamano dei nobili, cenare in puro stile italiano, saper scegliere i prodotti del made in Italy, lo stile e la moda italiana nella vita di tutti i giorni etc. Tutti gli educationals sono organizzati in hotel e ville prestigiose che riservano sempre un trattamento speciale ai nostri gentili ospiti. Grande successo i nostri tours alla scoperta dei luoghi dello stile italiano: tra gli altri citiamo le cravatte Marinella, gli splendidi vestiti della Antica Sartoria di Positano, i sandali di Capri (tanto amati da Jacqueline Kennedy), le botteghe artigianali con le ceramiche tipiche etc.


Ti aspetto in Italia !


Italian Etiquette Tips

by Simona  Artanidi


How to best taste Limoncello










Amalfi lemon is one of the most typical, internationally known, Italian product. Amalfi Lemons are the great protagonists of local cuisine, employed in an array of recipes including Limoncello, a tipical italian delightful digestive. It's also a highly aromatic extract capable of ravishing those who look for something not excessively alcoholic. The ingredients include water, alcohol, sugar and fruit peels. 

Limoncello is best tasted at the end of a meal, served chilled in the appropriate glasses. In this version it has mainly digestive properties, but it can be also appreciated at room temperature, especially if you wish to taste fullness of its bouquet. Being an alcoholic drink, it should be drunk in moderate quantities.